Payment Protection

Over the years banks have missold payment protection to many people, people who did not need it or did not even know they had it!

Many high street banks and building societies engaged in high pressure sales tactics to sell PPI and have now been fined by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for mis-selling PPI. Banks and building societies have now even set aside large sums of money to settle PPI Claims.

We can recover this money for you in a simple effective process through which we will request that the banks, make you aware of what you are owed and then recover that for you.

All you have to do is complete a simple form and we will send you our claim pack. Complete and return that to us and wait for a cheque through the post!

There is no funding available to recover missold Payment protection. However we operate on a "no win, no fee" basis and should you not be entitled to anything back from the loans you have taken and credit cards that you have used, we will not charge you a penny.

If you are successful in your claim, you will be charged the low fee of 20% for the recovery of your money. If you are unsuccessful, our No Win, No Fee agreement means you will not have to worry about any costs.

To see if we can help you fill in the form below and we will send you our simple claim pack!